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Collection: Hi! I'm Beth. Here is my story.

 Hello! My name is Beth and I guess I like to talk as this is quite long! Sorry!

My life changed dramatically on October 22, 2019. Even though my stepson (Logan) had dealt with epilepsy since he was 7 years old, I never thought through the reality that the disease could be fatal (for him). The seizures were becoming more challenging and at 22 years old, the final seizure occurred. Even being a nurse, it was an unbearable sadness, and I had not even given birth to this unbelievable man. Thankfully, with the love of family and faith, we got through the holidays and it was a New Year. We can feel Logan by our side and he was pushing me in a new direction. He was mature beyond his years in spreading the word of helping others, being nonjudgmental and caring for all, including the environment. I want to carry on his legacy and build upon these principles of helping people – by helping people see how small changes can help you become the BEST you. Just like he did, and we soon learned how much of an angel he was with all impact he made at his passing with the amazing stories we learned that ended up making BIG outcomes. Some items will benefit the National Epilespy Foundation and the products will have a positive impact on the planet and in your own life! Cork fabric makes an ideal material! Learn more here.

My heart goes out to those who need some TLC. Helping bogged down, super busy moms being pulled in all directions AND feeling like no one cares. Knowing exactly those feeling and just wanting a little, nonexpensive, trendy something to make you feel special. I want to assure you life will get better. Oct 2009 was a traumatic month for me. I was going through a horrific divorce with a 4- and 6-year old, I just got fired from my job of 10 years (it was a community education job with great hours (I am a nurse) – no weekends/holidays – great for a family life), and the loss of my last and closest grandma/grandparent.

We all have had tragic moments in our lives, how do we get through them? Loving each other. Helping each other. I am here for you. Life is awesome now. I am so happy and know what true love is. You will get there too with small changes. Oh – and one more thing? The name of my business is Hope’s Hidden Treasures. It is named after my mom, Hope, who passed away from colon cancer at the age of 40. I was only 13 years old and have missed her terribly ever day since, and especially now that I have children. But, I make the choice to live life the best I can day by day! And, unfortunately, have to get a colonoscopy every 2-3 years since I was 35ish! UGH! Thanks for listening and can’t wait to help you enjoy life more and become the BEST you! Think of you today-NOW!

Thank you for listening!



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